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Set menu packages

To select from our set menu packages, choose any of the concept below.
Each concept will show several set menu that are pre-planned to make the selection easier.
All you have to do is to choose your preferred set menu that suits your taste & your budget.

Buffet Buffet
Suitable for Birthday parties, Fullmoon, Wedding, Seminar, Office Gathering, Annual Dinner, Official Opening, Product Launching, Open House, Anniversary and all type of celebrations

Suitable for hosts with an open area to do the event

Great concept for entertaining and setting a good impression for your guest. ‘Fingerfood’ that suits semi-formal and formal occasions; can even be pre-dinner reception

Suitable for a big group – ideally 100 paxs and above. Allows you to have a huge selection of cuisine within the event. Large serving area must be available in order to have this concept

Perfect concept for functions that require light snacks and refreshments. Also for events that have limited time

Largest, widest and biggest selection of Malay’s Kenduri menu in Malaysia available right here. Traditional Malay serving concept with a slight modern touch

Western Western sit down
Western 5 course meal. Duration: minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes needed to served the entire course

ChineseChinese sit down
Traditional Chinese dinner that can be from 7 courses up to 10 courses. Served 10 pax per table

Steamboat Steamboat
Perfect concept when having small group of friends over for dinner. Served by 10 pax per table

Our seminar packages to choose from