is a pioneer in the industry by being the first to provide online catering service in Malaysia bringing a one stop and complete catering service all in one portal.

The management behind Caterer Dot Com Sdn Bhd and Master Plan Catering Catering Service Sdn Bhd, have extensive experience in the industry since 1985. Our people, history, and experience in the Food & Beverage industry stretch for generations, and is run today by a modern management team steeped in decades of food preparation and serving.

Our initial forte was in a full-range of Western Cuisine. This was then supplemented by an equally strong kitchen staff in preparing Malay and Chinese dishes.

In 2002, the company shifted gears up, with the inclusion of a newer management team while keeping the heart of the company its food and service know-how. The image was to keep the people that prepare and serve the food professional and genuine. Newer ideas were incorporated in business processing and client management. 2005 saw operations shift to a new comprehensive facility in Bandar Sri Damansara.

Started in September 2006, Caterer Dot Com has gained customer’s trust and confidence through its professional service and innovative offerings.

For people in search of catering service, our site is a simple and direct service where you can plan your function to suit your every need. Our online facility allows you to receive your quotation and process payment online. Once you are done, the price is generated and payment processes begin so that you can secure catering for your event without calling, waiting, or worrying. You need not worry anymore until you enjoy your event when the day arrives!

Everybody now can hire a caterer, with